Java is a universally useful programming language that is class-based, object-arranged, and intended to have couple of execution conditions as could reasonably be expected

Module: 1

Introduction to Java
Installing Java
Java Virtual Machine
Hello World! Program

Module: 2

Data type and Identifier
Type Casting
Variables in Java
Arrays in Java
Operators in Java

Module: 3

Objects and Classes
Method Overloading
Constructor in Java
this keyword

Module: 4

Garbage Collection
Java Modifiers

Module: 5

Method Overriding
Runtime Polymorphism
Command line Argument

Module: 6

Abstract Class
Nested Classes

Module: 7

Introduction to String
String Class Functions
StringBuffer Class
StringBuilder Class

Module: 8

Introduction to Exceptions
try and catch block
throw, throws and finally
User Defined Exception

Module: 9

Method Overriding with Exception Handling
Introduction to Multi-threading
Thread Class
Creating a thread
Joining threads

Module: 10

Java IO Stream
Serialization and Deserialization

Module: 11

Networking in Java
Introduction to Collection
Collection Interfaces
Collection Classes

Module: 12

Iterator and ListIterator
Map Interface
Comparator Interface
Legacy Classes
Event Handling

Module: 13

Introduction to JDBC
SQL Package
Steps to Connect to Database
Connecting to MySQL Database

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